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Thinking of new markets? Here’s a list of the biggest networks in India.

Many people think “hey, lets just advertise to North America” well, I’m here to tell you that SURPRISE there’s other countries in the world. They have populations that are just as willing to spend money. Most likely on different things (US people love to lose weight with ACAI for instance, but Indian people love ringtones). The deciding factor is ultimately if they are equally as willing to spend or submit that email address. My bet? They are.

Today has an article listing all of the available ad networks in India that you can use to turn a profit online. So use them to your advantage if you feel like dabbling in other countries.

  • Komli / Pubmatic
    Blind Network, focuses on International publishers who have Indian audience (as well as Indian publishers)
    Funding: $7mn from DFJ and Nexus India.
    Type: CPM (primarily) as well Performance based.
  • Tyroo
    Claims more than 2.5 billion high quality impressions served per month.
    Funding: Invesment by Y! India.
    Type: CPM.
  • dgm India
    Subsidiary of Deal Group Media, DGM India is into Affiliate Marketing – mainly CPA, PPC.
  • Ozone Media
    Ozone Media has over 100 network websites as its partners in a revenue sharing model. The company also claims more than 40 clients including companies across diverse sectors such as HSBC, SBI, Yahoo!, Lenovo, Cleartrip and Citibank.
    Funding: $4mn from IDG Ventures
  • Networkplay
    Funding: Goosefish media ventures and Capital 18
    Type: Currently focused on travel and women verticals.
  • Paypod
    Type: CPC, CPM and CPA.
  • IndiAds
    Targeted towards the Indian and South Asian online community – delivers 800 million ads per month to Indians and South-Asians living in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Axill (Social Media Exchange)
    Part of SMX, a media company and offers flat CPMs as well as revenue sharing.
    Type: CPM, CPA
  • Integrid
    Provides a one-stop shop that delivers integrated media solutions, allowing advertisers a single point for all their media requirements (online/TV/OOH)
    Type: CPM
  • AdMagnet
    Part of Interactive Avenues Marketing Solutions, AdMagnet’s offerings include Media (planning and buying), Campaign Management, Search (SEM and SEO), Web Design & Creatives, and Interactive Marketing.
  • AdChakra
    Adchakra provides display targeted advertising across branded and quality vertical and regional sites in India and abroad
    Type: CPM.
  • Tonictag
    Helps advertisers reach out to Resident Indian (RI) as well as Non Resident Indian audiences (NRI) worldwide.
    Type:CPM, as well as Performance.
  • Rupizads
    Type: Pay-per-performance, claims inventory of 7.2 billions impressions per month across 28 of highly-popular web properties.

Apart from these ad networks, few publishers have launched their own ad networks (e.g. guruji, ibibo,reliance).

A few regional ad networks exists (like Sulekha), and the network that leads the race is of course, Google with it’s adwords/adsense offering.

Other international players in this business includes TribalFusion (Site rep) and the recently launched FoxNetworks, News corp’s ad network.

Online shopping growing steadily in Canada says StatsCAN

This is old news to some of you, but I thought we’d share it for those of you who haven’t heard about this already. StatsCAN (Statistics Canada) has released this years round of online shopping statistics.

The survey found that while Canadians on a whole are still somewhat hesitant about online security will still most likely do their shopping online instead of going out to a local retailer.

The overall sales volume rose over two years ago, as did the overall dollar value of monies exchanged online.

Here are some more interesting facts from the survey:

  • While the dollar value of sales grew, volume also rose to 69.9 million items, up 40 per cent from two years ago, the report noted.
  • Canadian websites lost ground, accounting for 52 per cent of all orders, down from 57 per cent two years ago.
  • More consumers paid for the items directly online, with 82 per cent doing so, up from 75 per cent in the earlier period, the study said.
  • Albertans, young adults and big spenders were the heaviest online shoppers.
  • The number of Canadians over age 16 who shop online grew to 8.4 million from nearly 6.9 million two years ago, the study found. They accounted for 32 per cent of this age group, up from 28 per cent in the earlier period.
  • The previous study did not include 16- and 17-year-olds, who accounted for 2 per cent of online sales volume and 1 per cent of the dollar value in the latest study.
  • Online shoppers placed an average of 8.3 orders, valued at $183 each, for a total of $1,520 last year.
  • However, not all online shoppers spent equally.
  • The top 25 per cent of online consumers, who spent more than $5,000 last year, accounted for nearly half the orders and almost 80 per cent of the dollar value.
  • Regionally, Internet users from Alberta were the heaviest online shoppers last year, with half of them placing an online order.
  • While the vast majority of teenagers aged 16 and 17 use the Internet, only 25 per cent used it to place an online order.
  • The heaviest online shoppers by age group were between 25 and 34 years, with half of them placing orders online.
  • The most common purchases were travel services, books, magazines, concert tickets, clothing, jewellery and accessories.
  • A large number of Canadians use the Internet to supplement their retail shopping, with 43 per cent doing research online and 64 per cent of those going on to make a purchase in-store.
  • About half of all Canadians remain concerned about the security of using a credit card online, though that number fell to 34 per cent among shoppers who had ordered online.
  • The data is based on a survey of 26,500 online users over a 12-month period.

With Christmas, Valentines Day, New Years, and a whole bunch of snow coming down soon, many Canadians will be stuck inside ready to buy. Get your affiliate caps on now gang!

Canadian Government Web Site Infiltrated with Adult Lingerie Affiliate Advertising.

This is rather interesting, it looks like one of the Canadian Governments web site, a place called “The Red Planet” has left blog posting open, and got pwned.

According to the Ottawa Citizen article that we were sent, someone logged into the Red Planet web site, which is usually geared towards getting children interested in colonizing mars, and started posting affiliate ads to the site for sexy adult lingerie and sex toys. One ad even featured a graphic image of a blue sex toy.

Anyway, why are we posting about this? Simple, these are the people that give real Internet Marketers a bad name. If they’re going to post to a KIDS site, about ADULT ENTERTAINMENT how many sales do you think they’ll see? Almost certainly none. Even if this was a scripted posting, doesn’t matter, take the friggin site out of your list.

The Red Planet claims “hackers” have done this, but I really doubt that. That’s just a stupid story to cover their asses for the media. What really happened is they left blog posting on, and anybody and their mom could login and post anything they want. So, they got spammed with some Lingerie ads. No hacking here ladies and gentlemen, just really bad systems administration. Typical of the Canadian Government of late.

The article goes on to mention that as of late Wednesday night, they were still able to login and post an anonymous posting within minutes. Way to stop those “hackers” Mr. Government.

Here’s the article from the Ottawa Citizen if you’re interested to read it.

What do you think about kids trying to make a quick buck with this method? Yay or Nay?