We make business work. For the last 20 years, Flewid has grown to become a top-tier contender when it comes to helping small and mid-sized businesses flourish in an increasingly (*ahem*) flewid digital marketplace.


Flewid Inc's top priority is to supply our clients with quality online and offline marketing assets that get results. In the past, lots of SEO specialist agencies have come forward offering the newest algorithm manipulation technique or hack or cheat. But these “black hat” tactics are short-term solutions that don't ultimately pay off. The search engines can (and do!) ban websites for using these SEO practices. A good SEO specialist wouldn't use black hat techniques.

White hats vs. black hats

We're sometimes asked why we do what we do. Too many times, we've seen business tech speciality agencies manipulate algorithms with cheats and hacks, the type of stunts that can get your website banned from search engines. At Flewid, we're committed to offering ethical and effective services to get you noticed—in a good way.

These “black hat” companies are still out there. We want you to be the hero of the story, succeeding by doing the right thing in the right way. Our strategies and plans are “white hat” all the way.

Get your business flowing

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we love to see new, emerging, and established businesses flourish. We’ve been running successful websites since the late 1990s. We’ve sold several of our sites for a profit, and we’re now taking our hard-won and battle-tested knowledge to the public. We’ve set up shop to share our expertise and help you create online marketing assets that work.

Let Flewid manage your technology needs