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Over the years, we've worked with a wide variety of clients - from small business owners looking for simple logos all the way up to major corporations in search of technical consulting or a professional website.

We are proud of everything we've done for these clients and are eager to help you with your needs.

Review the information below to learn who we've worked with in the past.

Curling Canadamore_vert


Curling Canadaclose

Ongoing relationship to create child Wordpress Themes for Curling Canada web properties.

Fluter Scootermore_vert


Fluter Scooterclose

Theme setup and installation, modification and customization. Ongoing technical support and maintenance.

AromaTech Systemsmore_vert

Shopify, Wordpress, Zendesk

AromaTech Systemsclose

Customization of WordPress Theme, Setup and Installation of Shopify including Custom Theme using desired options supplied to us by client. Technical consulting and full support system using Zendesk setup. Also setup Klaviyo emailing software and maintain.

CTI Supplymore_vert

Shopify, SEO

CTI Supplyclose

Setup and customization of Shopify. Creating and maintaining marketing campaigns, and seo campaigns.


Shopify, Klaviyo, Marketing


Setup and customization of Shopify. Creating and maintaining marketing campaigns, and seo campaigns. Also setup Klaviyo emailing software and maintain.

Wee & Charmingmore_vert


Wee & Charmingclose

Setup and customization of Shopify including custom theme. General IT Consulting.

Iron Viking Trainingmore_vert

Web design

Iron Viking Trainingclose

Web design for a simple contact & photo display page.

The BTO Groupmore_vert


The BTO Groupclose

Customization of WordPress Theme, Setup and Installation of WordPress using desired options supplied to us by client.

BCSM Groupmore_vert


BCSM Groupclose

Implementation of theme customizations, custom plugin configuration, setup and installation of Wordpress.

Yaman Restaurantmore_vert

Wordpress, Restaurant

Yaman Restaurantclose

Restaurant website with online order using WordPress.

Citizen Advocacy Ottawamore_vert

Wordpress, Multilingual

Citizen Advocacy Ottawaclose

Web consulting and Multilingual Website development using WordPress for local Non-Profit.

Celebration of Peoplemore_vert


Celebration of Peopleclose

Customization of WordPress Theme, Setup and Installation of WordPress using desired options supplied to us by client.

Canadian School of Dancemore_vert


Canadian School of Danceclose

WordPress Installation and Setup, Theme Customization, Ongoing technical consulting for Canadian School of Dance.

Evening in the Maritimesmore_vert

Wordpress, Multilingual, Ticket Ordering

Evening in the Maritimesclose

Evening in the Maritimes required an updated website using WordPress, coupled with both French and English versions of the site and Event Ticket ordering capabilities.

Emily Murphy Centremore_vert


Emily Murphy Centreclose

Updated website to using current technologies, re-created logo using Adobe software, converted website to WordPress and on-going consulting duties.

Food Gypsymore_vert


Food Gypsyclose

WordPress theme implementation, custom widget development and regular consulting duties.

Faye Peterson Housemore_vert

Wordpress, Multilingual, Ticket Ordering

Faye Peterson Houseclose

Required updated website using WordPress Platform and general technical consultation duties.

Goal Capitalmore_vert


Goal Capitalclose

Setup and customization of Wordpress inclusive of theme and custom additions to code for feed display.

Hearts and Minesmore_vert


Hearts and Minesclose

Local alternative rock band required an updated WordPress website, responsive landing page and ongoing technical consulting duties. Logo also created for new look.

Hothead T-Shirtsmore_vert


Hothead T-Shirtsclose

Created customized Shopify theme and implemented on platform, as well as customization of collections and products addition.

Moksha / Modo Yogamore_vert


Moksha / Modo Yogaclose

Provided Technical Support, WordPress Customization and Implementation, Design and General IT Consulting duties for all Moksha Studios.

OutsideIn Inc.more_vert


OutsideIn Inc.close

Ongoing WordPress development, CSS/XHTML development and programming duties.

Kid Toys Junglemore_vert

Shopify, Social Media Marketing

Kid Toys Jungleclose

Shopify website development, social media account management and running Facebook ad campaigns.

Organic And Wellnessmore_vert

Wordpress, Multilingual, Ticket Ordering

Organic And Wellnessclose

Custom theme development, wordpress implementation and customization, and ongoing maintenance.

P-Studio Creativemore_vert


P-Studio Creativeclose

Design Implementation in IndeXhibit portfolio software and customizations.

Planet Magazinemore_vert


Planet Magazineclose

Custom WordPress Development and Design. Ongoing programming, consulting and web development duties.

Earth Bymore_vert


Earth Byclose

Shopify Integration and Customization for online store.

VHA Ottawamore_vert

Joomla, Design

VHA Ottawaclose

Customization of Joomla Theme, Setup and Installation of Joomla CMS using desired options supplied to us by client.

Sundance Channelmore_vert

Design Implementation

Sundance Channelclose

Using pre supplied designs created various JQuery sliders, and CSS styling for all modules throughout Smarty Templated site for 2012 Re-design.

Sundance Film Channelmore_vert

Smarty Templates, Integration

Sundance Film Channelclose

Helped with Website Re-Design for 2011 Festival. Using CSS, JQuery and Smarty Templates.


WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce


Vapes personal vaporizers needed a customized WordPress & Woocommerce installation including theme customization for their online electronic vaporizer store. Logo and Print materials also created. Management of BigCommerce and Shopify platforms performed as the brand progressed.

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