Properly configured, Amazon can be a real winner! Let us show you!

Amazon Onboarding

Amazon Onboarding

While shopping Amazon is easy, getting your online store up and running (well) isn't. The experts at Flewid can:

  • Set up your account through Amazon Seller Central
  • Manage settings to optimize sales
  • Identify and resolve data entry errors
  • Manage Amazon advertising campaigns
Amazon Seller Central: Setup, Maintenance + Monitoring

Amazon Seller Central Setup

Amazon is a big, big market. Upside: tons of users, which means millions of potential customers. Downside: a lot of loud voices competing for attention. Here's where Flewid comes in:

  • Insert your products to be self-fulfilled, or Amazon fulfilled
  • Guide you through enhanced brand content setup and configuration
  • Integrate apps for accounting and marketing
  • Help you follow Amazon terms of service to thwart bans before they happen
  • Complete Amazon Maintenance + Monitoring
Amazon Digital Advertising Campaigns

Amazon Digital Advertising Campaigns

You've opened your Amazon store. That's great! But where are the customers? Designing ad campaigns that take advantage of Amazon's enormous reach are part of what Flewid can do for you. Real-time knowledge can mean the difference between rocketing sales—or getting left behind. Flewid:

  • Manages and navigates Amazon's often-confusing technical requirements
  • Stays current with the latest user interface updates and system algorithm changes
  • Uses years of customer behaviour research experience to tailor ad campaigns
Ongoing IT & Amazon Management

Ongoing IT & Amazon Management

Cut down on the amount of time it takes to run your business with a solid tech foundation managed by experts. With Flewid, you'll finally be able to spend time on your business, instead of in the weeds. In essence, we become your outsourced Chief Technical Officer, your Web Developer, your E-Commerce Guru.

We manage your entire online infrastructure from website edits, e-commerce management, advertising, security, backups and more. With our careful and constant oversight, maybe you'll even be able to take a vacation (we're pretty sure there's a margarita out there with your name on it).

Let Flewid manage your technology needs