Server Administration
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A secure, reliable server makes for a secure, reliable brand.

As your business grows and your website starts drawing more visitors, you'll need to upgrade your server in order to accommodate a larger volume of traffic. If you don't upgrade your server in response to an increase in traffic, you might find that you can no longer keep your website functioning for your user base.

Here at Flewid, we're proud to offer a range of server administration options to keep your website running quickly and with few complications, so your clients and prospects will see a fast, reliable website.

Remote Server Administration: Management for Your Linux or Mac Server

Do you have an existing server that you've been administrating yourself? Server administration is a time-intensive task, and with a professional server administration company on your side, you can reclaim lost hours and improve your business' productivity.

Flewid can provide you with remote server management services for your Mac or Linux server - or any server based on UNIX code. With over 23 years of experience in server environments, the Flewid team can administer your server from within a console, web-based, or GUI program.

We can help you to monitor and protect your server from threats like overload or hacking, optimize your server performance to improve speed and reliability, and automate certain processes to simplify your server administration needs.

Administrative Services: Networking Setup, Services Configuration, and Web Services Keep Your Server Running Smoothly

Setting up a server is a lot of work, and keeping it in top shape requires continuous maintenance. But with a professional server administrator on your side, you'll have fewer headaches and hassles - which means you can host your website and store your web assets without having to worry about putting out fires.

Flewid can help you to establish a server and office network in a way that will ensure fast communication.

Our experts can supply you with a network that is fast and easy to use, along with a variety of backend services that will keep your server and network humming along. Finally, we can set up a wide array of web-based services you can use to administrate your server and website, including databases, remote access tools, monitoring software and more.

Top-Notch Security Protocols Will Give You Peace of Mind

In a day and age where commerce is increasingly moving into the online space, good security is critical to running a successful business. That's why we at Flewid use security protocols like SSL encryption to protect your sensitive data. With SSL encryption, third parties can't access your information unless they have the proper authorization key. SSL is already included in all major browsers, making it an easy-to-use security solution.

Other, more advanced security solutions can protect data within your applications. IPsec security, for instance, can protect data within applications that don't support SSL. With IPsec, each individual piece of data that is sent from or to the server is encrypted before it is sent and authenticated before it is opened. With strong security, you can rest assured that your company's data assets are safe in Flewid's hands.

Here at Flewid, we can assist you with a variety of server tasks. Whether you need to install new software, set up a new server in an easy-to-use manner or simply fine-tune your existing server system, we can help. Contact Flewid today and discover how a professional server administration team makes your business more secure and makes maintaining a server a simple task.


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